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Overview of Available Services

for production of books, flyers, and postcards


General Services: helping you with


Finding an editor for your manuscript, if necessary
Choosing a Print-On-Demand service and creating an account with them
Obtaining ISBN’s if needed
Registering copyrights
Deciding where and how you would like to sell your book
Directing you to additional resources such as those needed to set up a website
Creating a budget if you like.

Downloading your files for processing, tweaking these and incorporating into finished files
Uploading these to the printer, troubleshooting and general consultation.    


using Adobe PhotoShop


Cropping, sizing, adjusting color and resolution of photos and other images Saving files in appropriate formats
Miscellaneous tweaking in preparation for printing


using Adobe Illustrator


Creating cover and interior art using your designs or ours
Adapting these designs to the templates provided by the printer


using Adobe InDesign


Creating type designs and laying out pages
Inserting photographs and other images
Chapterizing and creating tables of contents, footnotes and indices when necessary for non-fiction works
Saving files as PDF’s to the specifications of each printer.



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