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A Writer’s Dream:

holding “my book” in my hands


Day’sEye Press and Studios can help make it happen for your manuscript.


   Print-on-Demand book-making companies such as CreateSpace and Blurb   have changed the game for modern writers, presenting viable alternatives to traditional publishing.  As the independent film industry has grown and now has its own festivals far away from the constraints of Hollywood, so the independent publishing industry is growing, providing a theater for the unique voice.

Day’sEye  Press and Studios

services that YOU, the writer, want.
We can help with any or all of the following:


Presenting options for the design of your book.

≈ Helping you get an ISBN if you need one. (An ISBN is a number that will identify your book, necessary only if you wish to sell in bookstores or on Amazon.)

≈ Putting your Word files into pages in the proper format for the printer, and uploading these files.

≈ Creating a cover for your book, or translating your own design onto the cover template provided by the printer, and uploading these files.

≈ Helping you navigate the intricacies of the Print On Demand process, or doing the whole thing for you. (We have used CreateSpace, LightningSource and Blurb.) 

≈ Helping you set up a basic marketing plan, if you wish.



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